M2 Outdoor Sports

  •  Youth Lessons

                           For the beginner:

Level 1 classes are for beginning archers age 6+.  

  • Cost $50
  • Class size limit of 12
  • We provide equipment if needed

 Level 1 is a 5 weeks long course, appx. 1 hour long each week.  2 Instructors on site to teach:

  1. Safety
  2. Stance
  3. Bow Grip/Release
  4. Anchor Point
  5. Aiming
  6. Execution

                      Intermediate Level:

  • $50.00 per person
  • Class size limit of 10
  • Equipment is NOT provided for this class.

     Level 2 course will be a 3 week long course, app.  90 minutes long each week.

The shooter should feel comfortable with their own equipment, understand and demonstrate basic safety procedures.

This class will teach safety and caring for your equipment, proper fitting , tuning, pre-shot routines, shooting line etiquette, building on successes and learning from failures.

  • Home School League
  • The cost is $35.00 per person (ask about family discount)
  •  We provide equipment if needed at no cost
  • Class size limited to 20

League will be shot from 10 yards using the multi-color target. There will be 2 practice ends and 10 ends for score. Each end consists of 3 arrows shot. We will have two shooting lines and use range commands to:

  1. Call archers to the line  ( 2 whistle blows)
  2. Fire (line is hot)               ( 1 whistle blow)
  3. Score arrows                   ( 3 whistle blows)
  4. CEASE FIRE                      ( 4 whistle blows in rapid succession)

 There is no age restriction but the archer must be able follow the shooting rules and shoot without anyone’s help,  limited coaching will be provided.   Parents are welcome to stay! 


  • Spring Break Youth ArcheryCamp

M2 Outdoor Sports offers a Spring Break Youth Archery Camp. This is 5 days of fun and learning! Sign up beginning March 1st for your chance to have a great archery experience.  Each day offers a different look into archery fun, followed up with what we love best--shooting arrows! 

  • Day 1   Range safety and rules, shooting line safety and commands.  (continued each day)
  • Day 2  fun with recurves;  emphasis on recurve shooting
  • Day 3  bow assembly, learn how to install sight, quiver, rest, stabilizer and use of an allen wrench
  • Day4  learn how to fletch your own arrow
  • Day 5  Super fun mini indoor 3D shoot
  • Cost: $60  (pre paid for the week) or $15 daily drop in
  • Class size limit of 15
  • Equipment provided at no extra charge

Each day last appx. 2 hours.  We provide a short 10 minute break with a snack.  Currently we are offering two sessions.  Your can guarantee your spot with a pre payment sign-up.

  • 4-H

 Every year M2 Outdoor Sports  hosts  4-H archery.   Our goal is to help aspiring young archers be the best they can be and go as far in archery as they hope.  It takes dedication to the sport and lots of practice to be able to 'perfect' your shot.  Each year we participate in the State Mail-In Tournament which gives our local archers a chance to compete against a larger # and truly see how they perform against others in their age and shooting class bracket.   We have at least one field trip to Wapiti Bowmen each year, encourage kids to shoot the local shoots (even take kids with us), join us for the OBH State Indoor Tournament and much more. 

Joining is easy and sign ups begin in September.  Contact us at the shop to get on Clever Clovers 4-H e-mail list and receive the newsletter with upcoming dates, other activities offered through the club, deadlines etc. 

Call or stop by the shop for more information