Procter Dixon I shoot a Bow Tech Ice Man set at 70-pound draw weight, with a Flashpoint sight, Wise Guy release, Gold Tip and Trophy Ridge arrows, along with G5 broad-heads when hunting. I was visiting M2 Outdoor Sports one day, when the owner, Marco, suggested I try this bow. “You will not believe me until you shoot the bow that you will not feel vibration.” So I tried the bow, and then shot my bow feeling the vibration—the rest is history. The lack of vibration alone did not sell me on the bow. There was also the draw length, let-off, IBO speed, brace height, and the approval from my wife to put it on layaway. I also like the camo pattern. The Staff at M2 are very helpful with everything that I need to improve my shooting—from setting up my bow to working on my stance. They also have leagues, which are a good place for improving skills and building friendships with others who share my interest in archery. I have gone from shooting 265 out of 300 at the start of winter league, to shooting a high of 298 with 40 x’s in the spring league. When I arrive at M2, I am greeted the moment I enter the door. I grab my Dr. Pepper and go back to the range. I am even asked if I have had my Dr. pepper when my shooting is off. I have new friends at M2 that are there for me. When my wife wants me, she knows where to find me. My wife is now shooting archery with me at M2, which I am enjoying very much. If she wants to see me, then she will have to shoot with me.