Debbie Lane

I started shooting in 1987 with my dad, my husband Monty and my uncle. I fell in love with the sport, both hunting and target shooting, and stayed with it until after my husband passed away in 2001. During that stretch I served in many positions for Cascadian Bowmen, including President and director of the Oregon Safari for three years, and I was the Oregon Bow Hunters Mail-In Secretary for two years. I was also State Games Commissioner for two years. I won my fust state shoot in 1988 and several other OBH championships throughout the 80′s, 90′s and early 2000′s, including several multi-year stretches: I was Indoor Champion from 1988-1990 and again from 1992-98, State Field Champion from 1991- 98, and State Target Champion from 1989-94. I won a silver medal at the NF AA Field Nationals in 1991 and I won the Redding Trail Shoot I National Marked 3D in 1993. I won a silver medal at the North American Field Archery Championship in 1993, and I was the 1997 OBH Triple Crown Champion I started slowly getting back into target shooting in 2007 in the Senior division, winning the OBH State Indoor in that year. In 2011 I decided to dedicate myself to shooting again full time, and I’ve been shooting in as many tournaments as I can since then: I won the OBH Indoor Championships in 2011 and 2012, the NFAA Indoor Sectionals in 2011 and 2012, and I won the 2012 Oregon State Games as well. I also made the USA Team at the Sherwood-Nottingham Shoot for the second time in 2012, which I am particularly proud of those last two because it was only 10 weeks after having double knee replacement surgery. BOW: 2013 Bowtech Specialist 26/50 ST ABLIZERS: Genisis 5 Star RELEASE: TRU Ball Sweet Spot 11 SPONSOR REST: Spott Hogg SIGHT: Toxonics ARROWS: Indoor Black Eagle Magnum 600 28″/335grains SPONSOR Outdoor Black Eagle Deep Impact 30-50 26″/ VANES: Indoor: 3″ Feather Outdoo